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  1. i have missed the deadline but I hope you can still take my comments on board. I would like to nominate Newman St as a candidate for traffic calming measures.

    At present, traffic – mainly construction traffic, delivery and rubbish collection vehicles, and taxis – drives FAR TOO FAST up Newman St, particularly at any time when the traffic is a bit lighter than average. Because the street is one-way, high speeds of 40mph are possible (when there isn’t a jam caused by illegal parking, vans manoevering, or bus diversions from Oxford St). The street is used as a rat run from Soho via Wardour St, Berners St and Eastcastle St by taxis, particularly at night. Daytime use of Newman St will get worse once Tottenham Court Road is closed to general traffic. With tall and dense buildings either side of the street, 6+ storeys with no gaps between, the result is high volumes of noise and pollution.

    So all of this suggests that reducing the flow and the speed of traffic in Newman St is necessary. Possibilities might include : reverting to two-way traffic; speed bumps; a 20 mph limit (which would need effective enforcement); or, best of all, closing the street in the middle so that it ceased to be a through route and could only be accessed for deliveries etc from either end.

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