Waste collection in Fitzrovia

As you will be aware the Council has introduced new rubbish and recycling collection times in your street.

We are looking for feedback on this scheme and would appreciate your responses to the survey below, including any further thoughts and comments you may have concerning the scheme.

To take part in the survey please click here.

2 thoughts on “Waste collection in Fitzrovia

  1. The letter sent out on 13 November to residents and businesses repeats the mistake of missing out Foley Street in the list of street collection times. I had previously pointed this out in an email to Tom Walsh and in a previous comment on this website. Is there a reason Foley Street is not listed (again)?

    • Hi Linus
      Foley Street was deliberately omitted from the changes apparently. So it isn’t a mistake. I was surprised by this as it is a problem area. It’s something I have contacted Tom Walsh about so we will see what happens going forward. Julia Haythorn

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