Draft Plan Published for Consultation 13 March 2017

Press Release:
We are pleased to announce that a draft of the Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Plan has been published today.  Deadline for comments 30 April 2017

Link to draft plan page

Wendy Shillam, Chair of the Executive Committee says,

‘We have worked very hard to get together a coherent document, that addresses the issues discussed in our consultation meetings and the exhibition we held last year.  We have tried to reflect diverse and sometimes contradictory views, balancing different visions where necessary.  Now it is time for the community, our residents, those who visit, run businesses and work in the area to tell us whether we have the correct balance.

At the back of our minds, as we wrote policies was the prospect of increased access to our area from Crossrail 1 and 2 and HS2, all of which will bring further pressure of development to our area.  This wealth of excellent public transport can be seen as a blessing, but also a challenge.

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed to this document so far.  It is the work of more than one person, so please point out any inconsistencies that you find.  It is  not yet ready for formal presentation to Westminster City Council.  Over the next few weeks we wish to hold informal discussions with the Forum, the Council, our Ward Members, officers and Portfolio Holders.  We also wish to update GLA and other stakeholders who may wish to make comment.  In addition we are now working with the other four West End Neighborhoods in order to rationalise some policies, where we have very similar objectives.’

Nothing in the plan is cast in stone.  We’d like people to go to the comment page on the website that will allow your views to be made public.  Alternatively contact us directly at info@fitzwest.org

 Deadline for comments 30 April 2017

Berwick Street Consultation


WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff is the agent acting on behalf of Westminster City Council for a traffic management scheme affecting Berwick Street. In accordance with the consultation procedure, we would draw your attention to the effects of the proposed Traffic Orders of which further details are given in the enclosed documents: showing the existing and proposed layouts; and information regarding single and double yellow lines. WSP | Parsons Brinckerhoff would be pleased to receive any observations or comments you may wish to make on the proposals, in writing, by 3 rd February 2017, quoting the reference 7185/LH in any response.

At the end of the consultation period, all responses received by this date will be forwarded to the City Council for consideration. The City Council will then decide whether to proceed with, modify, or abandon the proposals. The City Council is keen that you discuss your kerbside delivery needs with your delivery and courier companies to ensure that their needs are fully understood and conveyed to the City Council when you respond to this consultation. Also if your business regularly receives guests from taxis, private hire vehicles and coaches, then please also advise us of this information in your response.

A public drop-in session, where you will be able to view plans and ask questions about this consultation or the scheme in general, will be held in the upstairs room at The Blue Posts, 22 Berwick Street, London, W1F 0QA on Thursday, 26th January 2017 between 2.00 p.m. and 4.00 p.m. and between 5.30 p.m. and 7.30 p.m. If you should require any further information please contact me on (020) 3116 5996.

Laura Harris WSP/Parsons Brinckerhoff

Link to PDF Berwick Street North Consultation Documents

Great Portland Street Improvements

We recently received this letter from Westminster City Council:

Great Portland Street Public Realm Improvements Westminster City Council, in partnership with The Crown Estate, is proposing public realm improvements on the western side of Great Portland Street between Riding House Street and Mortimer Street. The improvements are indicated on the enclosed drawing and include the following:

  • Repaving the footway with new artificial stone paving footway and installing new granite kerbs, and
  • Removing the level difference between the footway and the basement roof slabs.

The works are programmed to commence in February 2017. If your property has a vault/basement that extends beneath the footway and possibly the carriageway, the works being undertaken may cause water ingress or dampness to appear when the ground is disturbed if the vault/basement has not been properly protected by tanking or other damp proofing. The City Council is not required (nor can it) undertake to maintain the surface of the public highway in a watertight condition. This is in accordance with Section 180 Sub-Section 6 of the Highways Act 1980. The basement/vault to your property is a separate structure from the public highway and keeping it in a watertight condition is the responsibility of the owner or freeholder. If you are the occupier but not the owner of the property, you should make the owner aware of this notice.

Contact: Tel: E-mail:

Ref: Date: Ryan Reardon 020 7394 3020

ryan.reardon@wspgroup.com 0001-70027737-S6-1 09 December 2016

FM Conway Limited is working on behalf of Westminster City Council on this scheme and would be pleased to receive any comments you have regarding the proposals by 23rd December 2016.

Your views are important and will be reported to Westminster City Council officers for their review and consideration before a decision on the proposals is made.

Yours sincerely,

Ryan Reardon


Click o the link above to view a plan.

We have replied as follows:

Dear Mr Reardon,

Thank you for consulting us.  We have placed the information on our website and look forward to further responses from our members. Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum is currently writing its policies at the moment.  These will be published early in the new year.  However, we can confirm that the community – both residents and businesses wishes to see more public realm improvements and so in general we welcome this initiative.  We do however have a few observations:

  1. The removal of a kerb cross-over, thus limiting wheelchair access in this area even more is regretted.  We recommend that you re-consider this regressive action.
  2. We wish to see all pavements in the area re-paved with York stone which is the traditional material.
  3. It is a shame that works like this are simply replacement works, when it is clear that Great Portland Street needs a holistic design approach along its entire length.  This re-design should, in our view include improvements for pedestrians access, crossings and disabled accessibility.  It is not clear whether this pavement work will make crossovers at shop thresholds better?

With kind regards

Wendy Shillam  Chair FitzWest Neighbourhood Forum


We’ve mad a comment regarding Westminster’s proposal to change mixed use policies in the city plan.

Our general concern is the proposed relaxation of the requirement to provide an increase of residential use as part of larger commercial developments in the Core CAZ and Opportunity Areas such as Tottenham Court Road. The West End and central parts of the City are characterised by a mix of commercial and residential uses adding variety, interest and enhancing interaction between different sized businesses and residents. The proposed change in wording will lead to more large scale, single use, ‘iconic’ developments which, although highly profitable, add very little and often detract from the quality of the built form in the City as a whole, or indeed in areas such as Fitzrovia.

 For the full text go to: EXTERNAL CONSULTATION

 Please add your comments if you agree or disagree with our response.

It’s not rubbish; it’s serious.

04.12.14 (2)

The forum receives more complaints about rubbish than almost any other topic.  In response to this we have set up a sub-group to focus of the problems of rubbish disposal, dumping and collections in our area.

We’ve devised a questionnaire and we would be very grateful if you could fill it in for us, giving us your views.


If you have any further comments please feel free to add them in the comments box below, or if you are reading this on our home page use the quotation icon at the head of this article.

Thank you.

The Exhibition Panels


Copyright FitzWest Map drawn by Lydia Bevan hand-drawnmaps.co.uk

Thank you to everyone who came to the exhibition.  It was a great success and we were particularly pleased to see so many new faces.  Go to the exhibition pages to see the panels and download a questionnaire in order to have your say.  The consultation ends 16th February 2016.

We will shortly also publish a copy of the questionnaire about rubbish collection which was also available at the exhibition.

If you’d like to leave a quick message please use the comments at the base of this page.

It’s a New Year and A New Fitzrovia

Happy New Year!

cover crop

Map drawn by Lydia Bevan Hand Drawn Maps

Dear members and Friends of the Neighbourhood Forum,

As a New Year dawns, I thought I’d remind you all of the exhibition that we’ll be holding on 11th January.  We are very grateful to the Getty Image Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street for hosting us.

It will be open between 11.00am and 8.00pm.  As well as exhibiting ideas and proposals, we will be unveiling the hand drawn map of the area by artist Lydia Bevan. (Detail above)  Everyone who comes along will be able to take away with them a copy of the map, showing many of our houses, offices and landmarks.

Our vision is a vibrant, prosperous, creative and connected neighbourhood; where people from all sectors and communities enjoy wellbeing; where we can work collaboratively to ensure that our living and working needs are met.

If you value Fitzrovia as much as we do and if you live, run a business or work here, we welcome you to come along to the exhibition and help to shape the neighbourhood plan for the future.

As well as inviting Forum members, and anyone in the community, we are hoping to draw those people who might have other types of interests in the area – the press, politicians, developers and landowners.  If you know anyone who you think we should add to the invitation list email info@fitzwest.org

Tea,coffee and biscuits served all day.

We look forward to seeing as many people as possible at the exhibition,

Wendy Shillam
Chairman of the Executive


The FitzWest Exhibition

On Monday 11th January 2016

Getty Image Gallery

46 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DX

Between 11.00am and 8.00pm

We look forward to seeing everyone at the exhibition which will;

  1. Introduce newbies to the Neighbourhood Plan Process
  2. Outline what has happened so far
  3. Present the findings of our consultations, in particular the issues you told us were important
  4. Present the solutions and policies that might provide options for dealing with the important issues
  5. Seek your views and ideas
  6. Present a road map of what happens next

In addition we shall be holding a briefing for  press, politicians, landowners, business  and developers who have an interest in the area.  If you know someone who you feel should be invited to the briefing please send us their details via our email info@fitzwest.org

We are grateful to the management of the Getty Image Gallery for their support.

Those who attend will be able to pick up a free three D map of the area drawn especially for us by the artist Lydia Bevan.

© Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum Committee

© Fitzrovia West Neighbourhood Forum Map Drawn by Lydia Bevan Hand Drawn Maps

Crossrail 2


Here is an open invitation to visit the Crossrail 2 exhibition and have your say.  We’ll be there too and will share our thoughts via Twitter.  The closest place is St Giles Circus, 30th November and 1st December.  See you there!

New Unwelcome Inhabitants of Hanson Street

One of our Forum members, Edward Kellow has started blogging about Hanson Street, where he lives and in recent days has been noticing the rubbish that is left on his street.

He says:
The Back Story: Ratatouille 24/7

  • Previously we reported that a rat was trying to influence refuse and waste dumping behaviour in Hanson Street

  • Westminster Council threaten to fine people who put out rubbish before 07.00 am

  • The point is that vermin in the area are dining very well on rubbish that is dumped on our pavements at all times of the day and night

  • Westminster are not getting their message across.rats

His website https://talesfromhansonstreetw1.wordpress.com/ is recording what happens.

FitzWest has set up a small team to discuss recurring complaints about rubbish with the council.  The new portfolio holder has met with us and will be happy to consider any better arrangement that we can conceive of.  We want to include the community in ideas so please leave a comment below or tweet a comment on our twitter feed. @FitzWestForum