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Update July 2015

In view of the number of residents who have complained about the way rubbish is collected, tipping and litter bugs in the area Wendy Shillam and Chris Shaw have been tasked by the Executive Committee with trying to help improve the situation.  There will be a meeting with the Portfolio Holder on 12th August.  If you have any further comments or thoughts as to how we can improve the situation do leave them here.

April 2015

We have received a number of representations from Forum members regarding the parlous state of rubbish collections, tipping and street cleaning in FitzWest.  This email, is not untypical.

Letter to Councillors and Officers at Westminster City Council

Please find attached yet more examples of tipping / dumping at the black bin drop and recycling bins on Langham Street (taken this week).  This is no longer just a nuisance (including having to constantly contact you to have the area cleaned / signage put up / monitor / bins emptied etc), but is now a public disgrace.  The time has come that affirmative action is taken by  the Council to permanently resolve this consistent problem on which we have been writing to you for over three years.  It has also been noted recently that when the bins are full, the lids are left open and there is no longer signage advising of prosecution for dumping!

I look forward to hearing how the Council now intends to have this issue resolved once and for all.

Chris Shaw FitzWest Forum Member

04.12.14 (2)

Please add your views and we’ll make sure that our Councillors are aware.

5 thoughts on “Street Cleanliness

  1. By transplanting the Langham Street rubbish bins to an obscure Riding House Street kerbside, the Council have left a familiar and widely used rubbish drop as a vacuum bound to be filled with much more of a mess than they are trying to resolve. Their solution is pure Catch 22; the bins should be restored with cctv and notices threatening penalties for kerbside dumping.

    • Dugal,

      Thanks for your views. We would be interested to hear other views on rubbish collections in the area and on locations in particular.

      • I live on Ogle Street where a row of rubbish bins have been relocated to from Foley Street. No one in the street was informed and the mess and rubbish on the ground at all times of day and night is awful. They are outside residential properties and they are in the road, right on the corner where cars turn round. After lengthy investigations with the council I have been informed that there are two issues here. The removal of the Langham Street bins as detailed previously in this post and the moving of the bins from Foley Street. It does seem ridiculous to reduce the number of bins and so increase the amount of overflow, rubbish on ground etc. to a new location! I know that no one wants rubbish bins outside their home but the residents of Ogle Street are not happy to have these bins suddenly appear. I am in contact with various councillors but I agree with Dugal – the only way to deal with it is to replace the Langham Street bins with CCTV – and to relocate the Ogle Street bins to a more suitable place. I am really happy to do my bit to keep our lovely area clean -and I often pick up rubbish that people haven’t quite managed to get in the bins – but this current situation is really unpleasant.

    • Agreed – CCTV is really the only way to get on top of this problem as rubbish is routinely dumped next to trees, posts, and in bicycle baskets on Langham Street. Removing the bins was counterproductive and I don’t imagine residents in Riding House Street are particularly thrilled , now the problem has now been moved to their street as well as at least two other places, including the original site of concern. CCTV is the way forward.

  2. City officials say the program provides valuable data on street and sidewalk cleanliness. The fact that the rubric hasn’t changed shows how dramatically average cleanliness has improved, they say, from roughly 70 percent acceptably clean in the 1970s to over 90 percent clean now.

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